Wednesday, September 6, 2017

RIP Francisco Dumont

Francisco Dumont dies, the Granadino dubbing actor with a record for history

September 6, 2017

Granada woke up this Tuesday with sad news. Francisco Dumont Peña died at the age of 78 as confirmed by several people close to him. They unveiled it through the social network Facebook where a wave of messages in memory to the person with "the most beautiful voice". He leaves two children, a sentimental couple and a trail of affection that has been evident in all corners of the city. It will remain for the memory because it has become a reference of the dubbing at an international level that decided to reside in Granada adn lived in the center of the capital.

Born in Tangier in 1939, the son of a French father and a mother from Malaga, he worked as a speaker from the age of 13. In 1966 he graduated in Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, but his relationship with communication went further. He was, besides being an announcer, presenter, actor and director of dubbing. This adoption granadino began his dubbing career in Madrid in the early 1960's alternating with appearances in films, plays and other productions.

It was precisely at that time that he carried out in our city one of the events that will be remembered for throughout history. He achieved the record of loquacity. He was 25 years old and went to the Plaza Bibrambla to raise funds for the benefit of the nursery of Santa Escolástica through the kiosk of the Tombola de la Caridad. At that time he was an announcer on Radio Granada. To achieve such a feat was to surpass the 24 hours and 45 minutes that was talking ceaselessly Thomas Choley. At 17 hours on that November 10 he took the micro to get rid of it 25 hours and 15 minutes later. That had a national repercussion as collected IDEAL documentarian Amanda Martinez Badía in his blog.

That deed was far behind in time, especially with the repercussion that Francis Dumont enjoyed throughout the national territory. His voice was used for the most well-known dubs. Very peculiar. They are sure to remember the beloved Uncle Phil, 'The Prince of Bel Air', a successful series by Will Smith himself directed by Dumont himself. He also doubled the voice of Uncle Frank in 'Sólo en casa' or that of the priest of 'Bitelchús'.

Dumont has left leaving great memories among all those who knew him. "A genius clueless, with a sense of humor as few and with a culture that has all four sides. An example of education, humility, professionalism and good work, "recalled dubbing actor Iván Muelas. Here we remind you by reciting Lorca.

In one of his latest messages via Facebook, the actor called for "taking advantage of the good things in life, because it may be our last moon." "Teacher of teachers," as Rafael Marfil defined him, says goodbye forever in his thoughts: "Neither white, nor Chinese, nor black, nor gay, nor invalids, nor Jews nor Moors. All without labels. Only people on the planet. " The one who took to walk the memories "so that they float" the dreams "if the present is adverse". Rest in peace.

DUMONT, Francisco (Francisco Dumont Peña)
Born: 1939, Tangiers, Morocco
Died: 9/6/2017, Granada, Granada, Spain

Francisco Dumont’s western – voice actor:
Reverend Colt -  1970 [Spanish voice of Nino Marchetti]

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