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RIP Hans Alfredson

Hans "Hasse" Alfredson is dead

The author, entertainer and director Hans Alfredson is dead.  He was 86 years old.

By Fanny Edstem
September 10, 2017

Hans "Hasse" Alfredson was a popular personality with many merits on the list.  A real multifaceted player. He was 86 years-old and was a comedian, filmmaker, writer, actor, dramatist, director and translator.

 Hans Alfredson's son, director Daniel Anderson, tells TT that his father left quietly. “He died a couple of hours ago. He spent the last couple of days at Danderyd Hospital.

 "Very sad message"

Hans Alfredson was born in Malmö on June 28, 1931, and grew up in Helsingborg.  He debuted as a writer in 1948 in Helsingborgs Post under the signature Simson.  As a student in Lund, he participated in student plays.  After graduating in 1956, he graduated after four years at Sveriges Radio, where he met Tage Danielsson. In 1961 they formed together with Tage Danielsson Svenska Ord AB.

"It was really a very, very sad message.  I thought well of him.  We worked together very much and had much fun together," said Mona Haskel, secretary of the production company AB Svenska Ord.

HasseåTage became a concept in Swedish culture and entertainment.  Together they wrote a series of revues with Green Dog from 1962 as the first.  The last, Miss Fleggman's mustache, came in 1982. The figure Lindeman who clutched the gill with the West was a recurring improvisation, performed about 150 times.

Together, Hasse and Tage produced and participated in several films, of which the 1971 “Äppelkriget från” was a Golden Baggevinner. After Tage Danielsson's death in 1985, Svenska Ord was terminated.

Award winning films

Hans Alfredson continued his business with the company Skrivtugan.  As a film director he wrote scripts and directed six films. “Den enfaldige mördaren”, after a chapter in Alfredson's book En ond man, was awarded a number of awards.

In the movie “Den enfaldige mördaren” from 1982, actor Cecilia Walton Agrell worked with Hasse Alfredson and remembers him as caring.

 "What I'm thinking about is that he was very generous. One felt he wanted everyone to feel good.  He made a nice party. It was good food and home-baked buns, you felt red-hot.

- Otherwise, he was a shy person, not so loud as well, a little reserved.  But while working on the film, he was open and a fantastic improviser and appreciated when trying something in a scene that was repeated, Cecilia Walton Agrell told TT.

He also wrote fictional books, dancers and children's books.  A serious note is in the family story. Tiden är ingenting.  He also wrote drama, was a scenographer, translated books, wrote limericks and even participated in the operetta scene.

HasseåTage Museum in Tomelilla

In 1992 he received a PhD honorary doctorate at Lund University. Hans Alfredson also served as head of Skansen (1992-1995). In 2006, HasseåTage museum was opened in Tomelilla. In the fifteen-square-meter room, Svenska Ord's activities are summarized.

"We talk a lot about Hasse and the Tage-spirit. And the amazing values ​​he created, I hope, we can manage as a nation. Hasse represents humanism, social commitment and keeping in touch with high quality films, yet with the ability to be popular, film producer Helene Granqvist, chairman of the museum's friends association to TT, continues;

"I think about how important Hasse and Tage have been for our identity.

Hans Alfredson was married to Gunilla Alfredson and father of Tomas, Sofi and Daniel.  Even great humorists get old and tired. In several interviews in recent years, Hasse Alfredsson told about his sorrow that the previously infinite creativity began. It did not prevent him from tearing down the most warmest applause during the Guldbaggegalan, when he received the honorary Guldbaggegalan in January 2013 with the evening's longest, most intricate and funniest speech.

He was 86 years old.

ALFREDSON, Hans (Hans Folke Anderson)
Born: 6/28/1931, Malmö, Skåne län, Sweden
Died: 9/10/2017, Stockholm, Sweden

Hans Alfredson’s westerns – actor:
The Emigrants – 1971 (Jonas Petter)
The New Land – 1972 (Jonas Petter)

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