Tuesday, September 26, 2017

RIP Květa Fialova

Actress Květa Fialová died († 88): She spent all her life in her giant pain

September 26, 2017

After nearly three years in the Alzheimer's Center, where she gradually lost contact with the world, Květa Fialová († 88) died. A popular actress from the films Lemonade Joe or I have been having fun with the world three years ago had bleeding in the stomach and heart attack, since then she did not appear in public. Květa’s failed heart, after its condition worsened, was transferred to a cardiology ward at one of the Prague hospitals.

Květa was born on September 1, 1929 in Slovakia, in the village Vel'ke Dravce in the Lučenec district. At home her older sister was waiting for her. Their parents were both lightly physically disabled – “Dad was pilot a dropped off the plane and walked poorly, her mother had a prosthesis instead of her leg. Their marriage was stormy, my father was violent, and my parents were not far from divorce. Their marriage was paradoxically rescued by World War II, which brought them together”.

But from her end, the young Květa carried on a life of trauma - raped by two Russian soldiers. This affected both her lifelong relationships with men, but she also instilled a reluctant attitude towards the communist regime.

Mother Květy Fialové was a designer, who was devoted to painting and sculpture. It was she who brought Květa  to Buddhism, she loved to paint Buddha and similar Eastern motifs. The family moved a lot, eventually returned to Bohemia. Not long after the war her dad died, his mother returned to Slovakia and Květa stayed alone. She was attracted to the theater, also because of the money she could earn, and in 1946 she started playing in Český Těšín. In the same year she was admitted to the Brno Conservatoire. She continued her studies at the Janáček Academy of Music Arts, which she finished in 1950.

In the 1950s Květa went through several theater engagements - in Opava, České Budějovice or Cologne. There, as a twenty-one-year-old girl, she married for the first time with a playwright. But their coexistence lasted shortly. "It was terrible for me! My fault. The husband was not a criminal, just wanted to exist in that marriage so normally as a boy, " recalls Květa, who had fled from her first husband and moved to the morgue for half a year before getting her own apartment with a new engagement - in Martin's Slovakia.

The second husband, director Paul Hasa, met in 1957 and two years later they married. In 1962, Zuzana's daughter was born. Their marriage said Květa was beautiful, especially because of the great degree of tolerance of both.

Paradoxically, despite her odious attitude to men, or to their animal needs, Květa was perceived as a sex symbol of her time and considered one of the most beautiful Czech actresses – The Czech Elizabeth Taylor. Thanks to her fierceness she was destined for the roles of computed women who have become her acting staple for a long time.

Her life role of this type is undoubtedly the character of the barbie singer Tornado Lou in the Brdeckov and Lipský parody on the Wild West Limonade Joe (1964). Because she could not sing, singer Yvette Simon was singing for her . She also recalled similar roles in the Fantom Morisvill (1966) film, the W4C Extermination Comedy through Mr. Foustka's (1967), or in the Detective from the Hands of the City of Prague's Dragon Fair (1970).

The strangers were not her nobles, the princess played both in Closely Watched Trains (1961) and Grandma (1971). Another decent career was provided by television. She appeared, for example, in the series The Thieves of the City of Prague (1968), The Thirty Cases of Major Zeman (1974) and for the record her famous performance of ABC Charlie's Aunt Theater.

Her career went without major falls, and with her aging she changed her acting style from sexy women to mature, elegant ladies, mothers and grandmothers. Such was Countess Thun in the parody Adela Did Not Sleep (1977), Bob's mother in Summer With The Cowboy (1976), Mommy Samkova in Half a House Without a Groom (1980) or grandmother in a comedy of the century I Enjoy the World With You (1983).

FIALOVA, Květa (Kvetoslava Fialová)
Born: 9/1/1929, Vel'ké Dravce, Lučenec, Czechoslovakia
Died: 9/26/2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Květa Fialova’s westerns – actress:
Lemonade Joe – 1964 (Tornado Lou, ‘The Arizona Warbler’)
Be Quiet Horse (TV) – 1992 (old woman)

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