Friday, October 20, 2017

RIP Federico Luppi

Argentine actor Federico Luppi dies

The 81-year-old actor has died after complicating the bruise on his head after a fall he suffered in April

Argentine actor Federico Luppi, 81, has died this Friday as a result of complications of a blood clot he had in his head since April, when he stumbled and struck himself in the head with a table in his own house, according to informed the newspaper Clarín .  The interpreter, remembered for his roles in films such as Tiempo de revancha (1981), El espinazo del diablo (2001) and El laberinto del fauno (2006), among others, had been admitted to the Favaloro Foundation on Thursday, , the Spanish actress Susana Hornos.

This Thursday, Hornos said that the actor was "with the normal ups and downs of these cadres" clinicians.  But until April was in full activity.  At the time of the house-crash that finally killed him, Luppi planned to start a tour with the play The Last Moons, directed by his wife, in which he reflected simply on old age.

Luppi has undoubtedly been one of the most important Argentinean actors, comparable only to Ricardo Darín or Héctor Alterio.  His harsh tone and overwhelming presence on the camera made him a favorite of directors such as Adolfo Aristarain, who considered him the vertebral column of films that were organized around his figure.

In 2001, when the Argentine economy exploded and five presidents succeeded in less than two weeks, Luppi decided to settle in Spain, where his career was already known.  He returned to the country with Krichnerism, and his political commitment led him to spend the last years of his life immersed in "bitterness," as he himself said.  In an interview in February, he said that he was "disappointed, bitter, sad and lonely" in his own country, dissatisfied with the policies of Mauricio Macri.  He even said that his income was not enough to make ends meet.

Federico José Luppi Malacalza was born on February 23, 1936 in the Argentinean town of Ramallo, a semirural town about 200 kilometers from Buenos Aires, in a family of Italian descent.  He began acting in 1965, in the film Pajarito Gómez , by Rodolfo Kuhn, and soon reached the consecration with the romance of the Aniceto and the Francisca (1967), a jewel of the Argentinean cinema of the director Leonardo Favio.

From there his career never stopped.  He participated in more than 100 films, most of them as protagonist.  Many of these films are classics in Spanish cinema: Los pasos perdidos (2001), Lisboa (1999), A place in the world (1992), Martin Hache (1995) and the emblematic Silver Sweet (1982) by Fernando Ayala.  In television also it starred in series of fiction still remembered by the Argentineans like exponents of the best of the sort, like High comedy (1971-1972), Men of law and Atreverse (1991).

Its international recognition arrived in 1993, of the hand of the Mexican Guillermo of Toro, with Cronos .  Later they shared screen in The spine of the Devil (2001) and the labyrinth of the faun (2006).

LUPPI, Federico (Federico José Luppi Malacalza)
Born: 2/23/1936, Ramallo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died: 10/20/2017, Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Federico Luppi’s western – actor:
Mi querido Tom Mix – 1992 (Domingo)

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  1. It is so sad that he was bitter and then when he is ready to start again, he dies in such a way.