Friday, November 10, 2017

RIP Raymond Lovelock

Dead Ray Lovelock, from movies to TV

He also appeared in La Piovra 5 and Caterina and his daughters

November 10, 2017

The actor and singer Ray Lovelock died this morning at Trevi. Andrea his brother announced his death to ANSA. "He had a tumor that he bravely fought, but in the last two months his condition had worsened," he explained.

From his early debut in Banditi in Milan by Carlo Lizzani in which he played Tuccio, the juvenile band who terrorized the city, Lovelock shot a lot of films and fiction on the big and small screen.

Among his most famous was Cassandra Crossing, Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man and for TV Viso Coperto (who was absolutely the one he loved most), La Piovra 5, Caterina e le sue figlie, Commesse, Incantesimo e Don Matteo.

The funeral will be held tomorrow at 14.30 at the Trevi Duomo.

Lovelock, 67, was born to an Italian mother and an English father, leaves his wife Gioia, his daughter Francesca Romana, granddaughter Thomas and his brothers Michael and Andrea.

For a few years he was also a singer in the band of Thomas Milian.

Born: 6/19/1950, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Died: 11/10/2017, Trevi, Umbria, Italy

Raymond Lovelock’s westerns – actor:
Django Kill! – 1966 (Evan Templer)
The Return  of El Coyote – 1998 (Edmond Greene)

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