Friday, November 3, 2017

RIP Renzo Calegari

Renzo Calegari, designer of "The History of the West" died

November 3, 2017

Renzo Calegari died today at the age of 84, Renzo Calegari, a Ligurian artist known for his work in the 1960s and 1970s on the History of the West by Edizioni Araldo, alongside Gino D'Antonio and Renato Polese

He was active since 1955, and during his career Calegari has also worked with Gianluigi Bonelli on Davy Crockett. In addition to publishing in the magazines Skorpio, Giornalino and Orient Express, in 1994 he designed the character of Tex for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

In 2012, after the death of his wife, he had asked the state for the benefits of the Bacchelli Law, and the petitioners in his favor also featured personalities of politics and entertainment such as Maurizio Crozza, Don Andrea Gallo, Sergio Cofferati and Carla Signoris .

Born: 9/5/1933, Genoa, Liguria, Italy
Died: 11/3/2017, Chiavari, Liguria, Italy

Renzo Calegari’s westerns – cartoon artist:
El Kid – 1955
I tre Bill - 1955
Big Davy – 1957
Welcome to Springville - 1964
History of the West – 1967-1980
Bandidos! - 1994
Tex - 1994

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