Thursday, December 7, 2017

RIP Angelo P. Graham

Oscar-winning art director and production designer Angelo P. Graham,
DOUBTFIRE, died a month ago today; he was either 69 or 70. Media outlets
have yet to report his death, but he is listed on the Academy of Motion
Pictures Arts and Sciences' Memoriam page
(, and a search for Graham at the
organization's Academy Awards Database
( reveals he passed away on Nov. 7,
2017. Neither his age nor his birthdate are given by the database, but
his entry in Michael L. Stephens' book ART DIRECTORS IN CINEMA gives his
birth year as 1947.

Working alongside production designer Dean Tavoularis and set decorator
George Nelson, Graham provided the art direction for classic '70s films
such as LITTLE BIG MAN (1970) and THE GODFATHER PART II (1974), the
latter of which won the trio an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set
Decoration. The team collaborated with GODFATHER director Francis Ford
Coppola on several more films, most notably APOCALYPSE NOW (1979), for
which they received another Oscar nomination. The team was also
nominated for an Oscar for their work on William Friedkin's THE BRINK'S
JOB (1978) and later worked together on the 1982 films HAMMETT and THE
ESCAPE ARTIST, both of which were executive produced by Coppola.

Graham and Nelson also worked on a several films together without
Tavoularis, including Sam Peckinpah's THE GETAWAY (1972), Norman
Jewison's F.I.S.T. (1978) and Matthew Robbins' *BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED
(1987). Meanwhile, Graham and Tavoularis collaborated without Nelson on
multiple films, most notably Coppola's ONE FROM THE HEART (1981) and
Philip Kaufman's RISING SUN (1993).

Graham's first film as production designer was John Badham's WARGAMES
(1983), and the effort garnered him a BAFTA Film nomination for Best
Production Design/Art Direction. His next assignment was designing Barry
Levinson's baseball drama THE NATURAL (1984); this film earned Graham
his fourth and final Oscar nomination, which he shared with co-
production designer Mel Bourne and set decorator Bruce Weintraub.

Subsequently, Graham created the production designs for three acclaimed
hit films directed by Martin Brest: BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984), MIDNIGHT
RUN (1988) and the Oscar-winning SCENT OF A WOMAN (1992). He was also
the production designer of Chris Columbus' comedies MRS. DOUBTFIRE
(1993) and NINE MONTHS (1995), both of which feature the late Robin
Williams. Graham worked with Williams one last time as the art director
of Francis Ford Coppola's JACK (1996), which also marked Graham's final
collaboration with both Coppola and Dean Tavoularis. Graham's final
screen credit was as an art director on Robert Redford's THE LEGEND OF

GRAHAM, Angelo P.
Born: 1947
Died: 11/7/2017

Angelo P. Graham’s westerns – art director, set decorator:
Little Big Man – 1970 (Art Director)
Junior Bonner – 1972 (Set Decorator)
Where Legends Die – 1972 (Art Director)

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