Wednesday, January 31, 2018

RIP Anatoliy Reznikov

The director of the cartoon about the cat Leopold Anatoly Reznikov has died

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As it became known to correspondents, the artist died in Germany. Millions of Soviet viewers know such works by Anatoly Reznikov as "Robinson Kuzya", "Leopold the Cat." Leopold and the goldfish "and" Blot ". Users of social networks condole with his relatives.

As reported to journalists, at the 78th year of life the famous director Anatoly Reznikov, who created cartoons about the cat Leopold, died. According to correspondents, the artist died in Germany.
A sad news was shared by film critic Susanna Alperina. Reznikova's death was reported to her by friends who live in Germany and communicate with the director's family.
Users of social networks condole with relatives Reznikova. "It's a pity", "Eternal memory, thanks for the childhood", "Until now, a book about Leopold", "Land to him down. Growing up on his cartoons, "" The Kingdom of Heaven "," Thank you for Leopold "- are shared on the Internet. Many also recall the Reznikov cartoons and quote them. "Guys, let's live together," - such a commentary fans of the artist are often left behind.

Anatoly Reznikov was born on December 20, 1940 in Bialystok. The future director spent his childhood and youth in Tbilisi. In 1961 he began work at the Central Documentary Film Studio in Moscow, where he was fascinated by animation. After Reznikov passed special courses, he began to take the first steps in this area.
A few years later Anatoly Izrailevich became a student of the Faculty of Industrial Aesthetics of the Moscow State Art University. In 1970, he took the first steps on television in the Creative Association "Ekran".
Among the most famous works of Reznikov are such cartoons as "The Cat Leopold. Leopold and the Goldfish "," Robinson Kuzya "," House for the Leopard "," Box "," Blot "and" Once a Cowboy, Two Cowboys ". In total, Anatoly Izrailevich has more than 40 paintings. In one of the interviews, he talked about the proposal from the son of one of the creators of "Tom and Jerry." However, cooperation between them did not take place.
In 2015, after more than a 20-year hiatus, the director returned to his favorite work. The premiere of "The New Adventures of the Cat Leopold" took place two years ago. In an interview on the project, Reznikov complained about health problems. The director complained that he was hospitalized with a stroke. After that, Anatoly Izrailevich had problems with his hand.
As reported by TASS journalist Susanna Alperina, Reznikov died on January 31 around 11 am Moscow time.

REZNIKOV, Anatoliy (Leopold Anatoliy Renikov)
Born: 12/20/1940, Bialystok, Podlaskie, Poland
Died: 1/31/2018,Germany

Anatoliy Reznikov’s western – director:
Raz kovboy, dva kovboy - 1981

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