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RIP Zeljko Senečić

Zeljko Senecic was a prominent Croatian film and theater director, stage designer, painter, interior designer and screenwriter.

He was born in Zagreb and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. He graduated in the class of Professor Marijana Detoni in 1956, and by 1960 he was an associate of the master workshop Krste Hegedušić. The stage design at the Academy of Fine Arts ended in 1960.

His first painting was Autoportret , oil on canvas from 1950. The first exhibition was realized with Julius Knifer in the Salon of the Association of Fine Artists of Croatia (ULUH, today HDLU) in Prague Street in Zagreb, and since 1957 he has been exhibiting at numerous exhibitions of ULUH at the Art Pavilion in Zagreb (in all shows from 1958 to 1966) He has exhibited at several hundred independent and collective exhibitions at home and abroad, publishing graphic maps Why, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Istria, Rab and the last independent exhibition Kritička from March to May 2017 he had an anthology in the Klovićevi dvori gallery.  He is one of the founders of the Josip Račić Gallery in Zagreb (1976).  He was a member of HDLU since 1956.

He was a screenwriter of numerous Croatian and foreign films, television shows and television series.  Some of the most famous films in which Senečić signed the set design are Rondo (1966) directed by Zvonimir Berkoović, Breza (1967) Ante Babaja, Fourth Companion (1967) directed by Branko Bauer, I Have Two Moms and Two Dads (1968) Kreže Golika 1968) Antuna Vrdoljaka, The First Command (1969) Vanče Kljaković, The Road to a Crash (1970) Zvonimira Berković, Who Makes Evil Thoughts (1970) Kreže Golika, Hamlet's Performance in the Village of Mrduša Donja (1972). ) Antuna Vrdoljaka, Glembajevi (1988) Antuna Vrdoljaka, Warrior Time (1990) Dejana Čoraka, Čaruga (1990) Rajka Grlić and Gospa (1994) Jakova Sedlara.  From the list of numerous TV films and series for which he has signed the set design, the 1982 edition of the Unknown Series, Eduardo Galić, should be listed.

Since 1965, Senecic has also worked on theatrical scenography (Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?, The Hail on the Roof , Koriolan , Sonata Saber , Tango , Idiot , Abduction , Richard III) for theaters throughout Croatia, from the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split Summer and Dubrovnik Summer Games.  In the genre of documentary and short films since 1969 he has worked in about thirty films, more than half of them as screenwriters and directors.  A special group is his films dedicated to artists, especially visual artists - Julie Knifer, Dušan Džamonja, Josip Vanište, Josip Račić.  One of the films he has done in the last years of his film is Dori Maar.

He directed the full length films of Pont Neuf (1997), Zavaravanje (1998) at the Berlin Film Festival and Film Festival in Geneva, Dubrovnik Suton (1999), in the selection of the World Film Festival in Munich and Crveno i Crno (2005).

Senečić is the winner of the Golden Octavian Lifetime Achievement Award for the scenography in Croatian Cinematography (2015), Vladimir Nazor's Award for Lifetime Achievement for Film Art (1996), the Four Golden Arena for the Scene at the Yugoslav Film Festival (1964, 1985) Pula Festival (1992, 2001), Dr.  Branko Gavella for theatrical scenography (1980), the prestigious Grand Prix for painting, the paintings on glass, the Salon des Nationas - Paris in 1984 and many others.

On January 2, 2018, he lost his battle with severe illness at 85 years of age.

The last fever will be in the narrow circle of the family.

Born: 1/18/1933, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
Died: 1/2/2018, Zagreb, Croatia

Zeljko Senečić s western - art director:
The Hellhounds of Alaska – 1973

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