Thursday, February 15, 2018

RIP Carmela Rey

Xalapeña singer, Carmela Rey dies

ORP Noticias
February 15, 2018

The singer Carmela Rey, of the duet Carmela and Rafael, died victim of a heart attack while she slept; his remains were incinerated on Wednesday afternoon at a funeral home south of Mexico City.
In the funeral ceremony was not present his life partner Rafael Vázquez, who is delicate health.
The singer, member of the famous romantic music duet, died on Tuesday, February 13, around 09:00 hours at home while she was sleeping, informed Notimex, Rubén Zepeda, grandson of the interpreter.
"It was heart attack and she was asleep, so when we found her she was in her bed; and although he suffered from hypertension, this was not the cause of his death, "explained Zepeda, who is also the son of the singer Lluvia Rey.
He shared that his grandfather, Don Rafael is very ill and is hospitalized, "when we met my grandmother, he was by his side and had a very strong pain, in fact he was the one who was sick."
"My grandfather is in intensive care right now, but they report it as stable," said the young man, who indicated that Rafael, despite being sensitive, knows what happened to his life partner and profession, with whom he formed the duet since 1960 Carmela and Rafael.
He commented that Rafael is impacted by the news, since he shared with Carmela more than 50 years of marriage, in which they achieved a great family.
He indicated that his remains were incinerated this afternoon, however the place where they rest still do not know, because the Mexican singer and actress, left indications, which will shortly be revealed.
Carmen Sánchez Levi, her real name, nation in Xalapa, Veracruz, on December 7, 1931.
She was one of the last interpreters of Agustín Lara, triumphed as a soloist in radio and television programs, and recorded exclusively for Discos Musart and later for Discos RCA Víctor. In movies, he starred in films such as A sablazo limpio (1958), Viva la parranda (1960), Las hijas del Amapolo (1962) and School for single women (1965).

REY, Carmela (Carmen Sánchez Levi)
Born: 12/7/1931, Yalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Died: 2/13/2018, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Carmela Rey's western - actress:
Viva la parranda - 1960

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