Saturday, February 17, 2018

RIP Graciela Doring

Mexican actress Graciela Doring has died

El Siglo de Torreon
February 17, 2018

Mexican actress Graciela Doring has died at the age of 79, as reported by the National Association of Interpreters through her account on the social network Twitter.

Doring, who had an artistic career of more than 50 years, made almost 30 telenovelas; she debuted in 1959 in the telenovela Teresa with Maricruz Olivier, she also participated in Un amor en la sombra and Amar fue su pecad, in 1960. In 1961 she participated in La familia del 6. Her most recent roles in television were Ni contigo y no ti (2011), Amor comprado (2008), Ojo por Ojo (2010),  Una luz en el camino (1998) and
Soñar no cuesta nada, in 2005.

In cinema she acted in films like Pedro Páramo (1967), Las troyanas (1963), Dias de
otoño (1963) and The Wild Bunch (1969). The film director Julián Hernández lamented the news and shared a message on his social networks. "Graciela Doring (1939-2018) has died, whom we remember as Damiana Cisneros in Pedro Páramo by Carlos Velo," he wrote.

In theater she participated in the staging of La herida del tiempo, in 1962. In Teresa is remembered in his role as "Aurora Ferralde", who is left with the love of the ambitious protagonist, Teresa Martinez, played by the also deceased actress, Maricruz Olivier. the causes of his death are still unknown.

DORING, Graciela
Born: 1939, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Died: 2/14/2018, Mexico

Graciela Doring’s western – actress:
The Wild Bunch – 1969 (Emma)

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