Friday, February 2, 2018

RIP Ole Thestrup

Actor Ole Thestrup is dead

By Thomas Albrektsen
February 2, 2018

Ole Thestrup, who lived on the peninsula Tuse Næs in the Isefjord, is dead.

 Actor Ole Thestrup, who lived on the peninsula Tuse Næs in the Isefjord north of Holbæk, is dead night to Friday.

 According to Ritzau, according to the family.  He turned 69.  The popular actor slept quietly into his home at 1:50 am surrounded by his family.

 Ole Thestrup had been ill for lung cancer for a period of time.

 He is especially known for his roles in the children's and youth films Rubber Tarzan and Busters World .  Later he took on the roles in the movies Flashing Lights and the Green Butchers as well as the TV series Borgen .

 Was affected by aggressive lung cancer

 In April 2017, he had to put his career on hold when he was hit by aggressive lung cancer.

 In 2014, Ole Thestrup also had to take a break from the drama course.  Here he gave up a role in the musical 'The Three Musketeer', because he was hit by heart problems and had to pass through a bypass operation.

 Honored with prize

 In September last year he was also honored for his countless roles.

 It happened when, according to TV 2, he received Denmark's oldest actor award, also known as the Lauritzen Prize.  It was given on the basis of his great artistic performances on the Danish scenes, on television or film.

 The actor would have been 70 years 12 March.

THESTRUP, Ole (Ole Svane Thestrup)
Born: 3/12/1948, Nibe, Denmark
Died: 2/2/2018, Tuse Næs, Denmark

Ole Thestrup’s western – actor:
Det Vildeste Westn – 2005 (lasso instructor)

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