Wednesday, March 21, 2018

RIP Anna-Lisa

Norwegian actor Anna-Lisa Ruud is dead

"It is unbelievably sad."

By Julie Solberg
March 21, 2018

The Norwegian Hollywood actor Anna-Lisa Ruud, known from television series such as Death Valley Days, Run for Your Life and That Girl, fell asleep at the Smesthjem in Oslo on Wednesday, 85 years old.

She died today at 13:15, Ruud's cousin, and closest relatives in Norway, Grace Turil Rasmussen, can confirm to Dagbladet., Ruud lived the last two years at Smestadhjemmet.

Good friends

Throughout her young life, Anna-Lisa Ruud lived in Hollywood where she performed her childhood dream as an actor. There she was named Anna-Lisa, but was born Anne Lise Ruud in Norway.

"We did not have much contact when she lived in the United States, but when she moved home to Norway we were much together. She rented a summer house in Son, where I have visited her a lot, Rasmussen says to Dagbladet.

Rasmussen remembers Anna-Lisa Ruud as a very social, positive and gentle lady whom she enjoyed spending time with.

18 years in the United States

When Anna-Lisa Ruud was only 21 years old she moved to California. There she got her job as an au pair. During the nights she worked at McDonalds and on the day she studied drama next to the au pair job.

In 1958 she got a lead in the Western Sugarfoot series.

"I would be a Nordic mail order that was sent somewhere in the wilderness. My opponent was as unknown as me. He did not have a car so I had to pick him up every day at his shabby motel. Charles Bronson, he, told Ruud in a previous interview with Dagbladet.

After 18 years, 150 TV shows and more plays, Ruud got enough. In 1972, she moved to India and then returned to Norway where she worked at the National Theater, Oslo New Theater and Dock Theater.

"There was so much sad around me.
Great young people took their lives and everything was about getting roles. I was so tired of running for a carrot without knowing where I could, she could tell in a previous interview with Dagbladet.

Written book

Niels Petter Solberg has known Ruud for the past 20 years. He first became familiar with her when he was writing a book about Norwegian foreign stars.

"It was unbelievably sad when I got the message about Anna-Lisa's passing earlier today. We were good friends, he told Dagbladet.

"I got to know her when I wrote the book about Norwegian women in Hollywood. It is many years ago now, but we got a friendship that has meant a lot to me. Anna-Lisa had a fascinating career in the American TV's childhood, had her own TV series with "Black Saddle" and guest roles in many other famous TV shows.

It was, among other things, when TV 2 broadcast the TV series "Bonanza", where Ruud has a guest roll, that Solberg sat in Haugesund and studied Norwegian foreign stars. He called Sporenstreks to Ruud to tell her that she was on television.

"When I worked at Haugesund Theater, we invited her to town to play in" The Invisible City "and" Stepping Out ". She had many friends in Haugesund. Anna-Lisa lived out her dreams and took all challenges on her tight arm, says Solberg, thanking Ruud for all the good talks and memories.

"We could talk for hours on movies and TV shows. She was like talking to a living lexicon. She had incredible knowledge, he recalls.

Ana-Lisa (Anne Lise Ruud)
Born: 3/30/1935, Oslo, Norway
Died: 3/21/2018, Oslo, Norway

Ana-Lisa’s westerns – actress:
Bronco (TV) – 1958 (Sister Theresa)
Maverick (TV) – 1958 (Karen Gustavson)
Sugafoot (TV) – 1958 (Ellie Peterson)
Black Saddle (TV) - 1959-1960 (Nora Travers)
Bonanza (TV) – 1960 (White Buffalo Woman/Ruth Halversen)
Gunsmoke (TV) – 1960 (Gretchen Mueller)
Laramie (TV) – 1960 (Louisa Clark)
Death Valley Days (TV) – 1966 (Huldag Swanson, Elaanora)

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