Friday, March 9, 2018

RIP Arcelia Larrañaga

March 9, 2018

Mexican actor Manuel, "El Loco", Valdés will not attend the funeral of his wife, actress Arcelia Larrañaga, who died at the age of 77 on Thursday morning, victim of a respiratory arrest.
The reason why the comedian also will not be present at the wake is that tomorrow Friday he will be treated with immunotherapy at the National Institute of Cancer (INCan) and must rest prior, Notimex informed his grandson Iván Valdés.
"He is not able to go to the funeral, he wants to be calm. He does not feel suitable for the questions that the press will ask him, because although he said he was ready when his wife died, the pain is a lot.
"He prefers to stay at home to receive treatment," Ivan explained, and mentioned that "El Loco" Valdés knew that the death of Arcelia Larrañaga was near because she had just been hospitalized and specialists no longer gave her much time after her condition I was very advanced.
He clarified in this regard that it was not Alzheimer's, as it has transpired in the media, but senile dementia, which was diagnosed for several years. "The medical part said it was a respiratory arrest.
"She began by forgetting things until she could not remember anything and her brain simply forgot to give the order to breathe, and she died at 5:00 in the morning while at home," she said.
Iván Valdés knows that it is a strong blow for his grandfather, but he considers that from now on he will be dedicated to one hundred percent in his recovery, since at times his wife's illness exceeded him.
"My grandfather has improved a lot, the cancer went into the remission stage and they are applying immunotherapies because the chemotherapies, due to their age, could not have endured them. Those of this Friday will be almost the last ones that give him ".
He commented that Manuel "El Loco" Valdés has regained weight and thanks to the fact that every time he feels better he enlists his return to the theater through the play "Airplanes", next to Ignacio López Tarso.
"Shortly will begin trials. The tentative date of his return is March 21. I know they will give functions in Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey and Querétaro, "he said.
Arcelia Larrañaga participated in the television and film productions "Dos fools and a madman" (1961), "Los jóvenes" (1961), "La sonrisa de los pobres" (1964), "The loves of Marieta" (1964) and " Los Fabulosos 20s "(1964), among others.

Born: 1942, Mexico
Died: 3/8/2018, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Arcelia Larrañaga’s westerns – actress:
Jalisco Gals are Beautiful – 1961
Juan guerrero – 1963 (Auscencia)

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