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RIP Jochen Baumert

Karl May & Co.

Jochen Baumert died February 18, 2018. He was a German actor who lived with his wife Sigrun in Hamburg -Eppendorf. Born on April 30, 1939, Legnica, Poland, Baumert played in various city-city episodes "Kalle Reich" and played roles by Henri Vahl at the Ohnsorg-Theater in Hamburg.  He was trained first as a baker and confectioner in the GDR and later from 1964-1967 in West Berlin at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts as a singer.

At the Karl May Festival in Bad Segeberg, he appeared almost overnight: He jumped in 1982 for the precipitated after the dress rehearsal as Sam Hawkens and was committed to the next four productions.

From 1992 to 2006 , Baumert belonged to the ensemble every year except 1993 and 1998 .  He always remained true to the comic characters. Sam Hawkens became his brand anme role, for which he was interrupted only by the star guest Freddy Quinn, until his last season, as a member of the regular cast. According to the program booklet of 1997, he refused a role in the television series ‘Two Munich in Hamburg’, to be able to play in Bad Segeberg.

Winnetou III  2006 was Jochen Baumerts was his farewell: he contracted during the season, pneumonia and had to be replaced for several weeks.  He returned, recovered but shortly before the end of the season he contracted pneumonia again. As he said in 2007, he regretfully refuses to engage again out of consideration for his health after much deliberation.

In 2008 he had a surprising Karl May comeback: he planned to take on the role of Sam Hawkens in Under Vultures in Elspe in several performances, as Jogi Kaiser but was prevented by several appointments in the Ohnsorg Theater.

Born: 4/30/1939, Legnica, Poland
Died: 2/18/2018, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Jochen Baumert’s Bad Segeberg, Elspe westerns – actor:
Winnetou, der rote Gentleman – 1982 (Sam Hawkens)
Old Surehand – 1983 (Dick Hammerdull)
Unter Geiern – 1984 (Dicker Jeremy)
Der Ölprinz – 1985 (Sam Hawkens)
Old Surehand – 1992 (Dick Hammerdull)
Der Schatz im Silbersee – 1994 (Humply-Bill)
Winnetou I – 1995 (Sam Hawkens)
Winnetou und der Scout – 1996 (Sheriff McLean)
Winnetou und Old Firehand – 1997 (Sam Hawkens)
Halbblut – 1999 (Tante Droll)
Der Ölprinz (2000) (Sam Hawkens)
Der Schatz im Silbersee - 2001 (Tante Droll)
Im Tal des Todes – 2002 (Sam Hawkens)
Old Surehand – 2003 (Tante Droll)
Unter Geiern - Der Sohn des Bärenjägers – 2004 (Dicker Jeremy)
Winnetou und das Geheimnis der Felsenburg – 2005 (Juggle-Fred)
Winnetou III – 2006 (Sam Hawkens)
Unter Geiern - 2008 (Sam Hawkens) [at Elspe Theater]

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