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RIP Jochen Senf

Former "Tatort" commissioner Jochen Senf is dead

He was Max Palu and long "crime scene" commissioner in Saarland. But Jochen Senf had many other sides. Now he died at the age of 76.

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He liked to cook, he liked to drink red wine and took his racing bike to the office: Jochen Senf spent 17 years as crime scene commissar Max Palu in the Saarland on a criminal hunt. He shot 18 episodes in the small state on the border with France. With that, mustard got a place in television history. Now the actor has died at the age of 76 years in Berlin. This has been confirmed his brother Gerhard on Sunday.

"Salü Palu" was the first episode on January 24, 1988. It was about trafficking young girls and prostitution in the border area. The bald-headed Max Palu (spoken: Palü) was a real type among the ARD commissars.
Privately, he was a gourmet and liked to cook. "I play the commissioned the way I am," he said when he started the "crime scene" at the age of 45. Palu was his first big television role. Before filming, he confessed: "I do not even know how to hold a pistol."

Jochen Senf was not only the commissioner, but had many other sides and roles. He was a radio drama teacher, crime writer, founded a children's and youth theater, played theater, directed and was screened in theatrical productions, about 2015 in “I do not even know how to hold a pistol

The Saarland was his home for a long time. As a child, the native of Frankfurt came to Saarbrücken. His father Paul was a non-party minister in the state cabinet of Johannes Hoffmann in the 1950s. In Saarbrücken, Senf studied German and Romance studies and attended drama school.

The role as "Tatort" commissioner came in 2005 - long before the great hype and the murder mystery began on television. After that, it was quieter, he leaves two children. "Marriage is not important to me, marriage is enough. The only reason for marrying is children," he once told the Berliner Morgenpost. The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" found that in dealing with people, Senf was like his Palu: "honest, reliable, committed and chummy in a sometimes not necessarily diplomatic way".

Last appearance on the Kurfürstendamm

For several years, the actor was with Margret Lafontaine, the former wife of the former Saarland Prime Minister, together. Most recently, Senf lived in Berlin. There he was seen a few years ago in the comedy on the Kurfürstendamm. Two years ago, the "Bild" newspaper visited him in a nursing home and quoted "I'm shit." At that time he did not want to reveal anything more about his illness, but walking was difficult for him.

Among other things, the Saarländischer Rundfunk, its longtime home station, paid tribute to Senf on Sunday in a tweet: “Red wine, baguettes and bicycles: for 17 years, Jochen Senf personified the crime scene commissar Max Palu. AU Revoir!"

SENF, Jochen
Born: 1/6/1942, Frankfurt, Main, Germany
Died: 3/18/2018, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Jochen Senf’s western – actor:
Bluebird (TV) – 1994 (Silas Ruster)

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