Sunday, April 15, 2018

RIP Verland Whipple

Verland T. Whipple
Ojai, CA

Ventura County Star
April 15, 2018.

Verland T. Whipple passed away peacefully on April 9, 2018, at the age of 88. He was born May 3, 1929, in Douglas, Arizona to William Wilford Whipple and Beatrice Thayne.

His parents were born in the Mormon Colonies in Colonia Dublan, Chihuahua, Mexico, who both died when he was young. He was the 4th of 6 children, and he remained very close to his brothers and sisters; Walden, LaRee, Velda, Cale, and Boyd. He lived with family members growing up in Mexico, New Mexico, California, Colorado and Nevada. Verland served honorably in the Central States Mission as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and immediately afterward in the US Army.

As a student at Brigham Young University, he was well known for his comedy acts and was honored for his excellence as an entertainer. In the years to follow he performed on nationwide tours with many of the well-known celebrities of the time. Together with his wife, Mary Lou Parkes Whipple, he operated the Cameo Playhouse in Hollywood, California. His love for writing resulted in dozens of screenplays for motion pictures. He produced a number of notable films including Ransom Money, and The Legend of Jedediah Carver. In his later years, living in Salt Lake City, Utah and Ojai, California; he focused his writing efforts on poetry, songs, and short stories including his book Millenium.

Verland was known for his humor and positive attitude about life. He is survived by his son Thayne Whipple; daughter-in-law Sheryl B. Whipple; grandchildren, Graham Whipple, Haven Whipple, Parkes Whipple, and Sage Whipple; as well as many loving nieces and nephews. A graveside service will be held at Miramar National Cemetery at 9:00 am on Friday the 20th of April, where he will be interred.

WHIPPLE, Verland (Verland T. Whipple)
Born: 5/3/1929, Douglas, Arizona, U.S.A.
Died: 4/9/2018, Ojai, California, U.S.A.

Verland T. Whipple’s western – producer:
The Legend of Jedediah Carver - 1967

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