Thursday, May 3, 2018

RIP Tony Cucchiara

Tony Cucchiara, protagonist of the Cantagiro, has died

The artist, who with his wife Nelly Fioramonti had formed a folk duo, would have turned 81 on October 30th

Corriere Della Serra
May 3, 2018

Tony Cucchiara is dead.  The artist would have turned 81 on October 30th.  Protagonist of the Cantagiro of 1962 and of the Sanremo Festival of 1972, he had gained popularity with the song "Annalisa" and had then formed a folk duo with his wife Nelly Fioramonti.  The singer died prematurely in 1973, a few days after her 34th birthday, for the consequences of a difficult birth, in which her second child was born.


As well as being a singer - he was the one who innovated the genre of the musical -, he was also the author of television programs as well as a man of the theater.  Born in Agrigento, Cucchiara had written numerous musical comedies including "Storie di periferia", "Tragicomica con musiche", "The Baroness of Carini", "Swing", "The Count of Montecristo" and "Pippin the Short" of which was protagonist Tuccio Musumeci in the role of the king of France, produced by the Teatro Stabile di Catania and also represented abroad.  For 15 years he was one of the authors of "In famiglia", the Rai transmission of the director Michele Guardi 'with whom he had constituted - together with another agrigentino, the maestro Pippo Flora -, a long artistic association and friendship.

CUCCHIARA, Tony (Salvatore Cucchiara)
Born: 10/30/1977, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy
Died: 5/3/2018, Rome, Lazio, Italy

Tony Cucchiara’s western – performer:
A Fistful of Songs – 1966

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