Tuesday, July 24, 2018

RIP María Dolores Gispert

dub actress María Dolores Gispert dies, unmistakable Spanish voice of Whoopi Goldberg

The veteran performer also voiced Pippi Longstocking, one of the replicants of Blade Runner and Kathy Bates.  She also directed the dubbing of “The Color Purple” and “Schindler's List”.


The voice actress María Dolores Gispert , unforgettable voice in Castilian of stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Kathy Bates, has died at 84 years, informed by the union of artists of dubbing in Madrid.

Coming from a family of artists, the interpreter began her career as a child with locutions on Radio Barcelona, ​​before moving to dubbing in the mid-forties, giving voice to children and young stars.

She participated in these works in films as recognizable as “Treasure Island” , “The Night of the Hunter” , I confess (in their corresponding redoblajes on the occasion of its broadcast on TVE during the seventies), “Irma la duce” , “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Una lagartija con piel de mujer”, Gunfight at the OK Corral”, “Sueños de seductor”, “Grease”, “Los caballeros de la moto”, “Blade Runner” (where she dubbed Joanna Cassidy) and “The Goonies”.

However, her most memorable works are, without a doubt, those she made voicing Whoopi Goldberg, from “The Color Purple” (one of the dubbing works she directed, along with that of “Schindler's List”).  She lent her vocal chords up to 51 times, according to data from ElDoblaje.com, the last being in the romantic comedy “Soltera at 40”, which appears as her last work.  She also took charge of adapting Kathy Bates in films such as “Titanic” and “Charlotte's Web.”

In television, her credits are equally numerous, although her two most recognizable works are those of ‘Pippi Longstocking’ in the seventies, where she doubled the iconic protagonist;  that of Sarah Douglas in “V”;  or that of Estelle, the ineffable representative of Joey Tribianni in ‘Friends’.

As an actress, she participated in the adaptation of “El conde de Montecristo de Novela”, as well as in other theater programs filmed as Ficciones and Estudio 1 .

GISPERT, María Dolores (Maria Dolores Gispert Guart)
Born: 3/22/1934, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Died: 7/21/2018, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

María Dolores Gispert’s westerns – voice dubber:
Oklahoma John – 1966 [Spanish voice of Carmen Gallén]
Viva Carrancho! – 1966 [Spanish voice of Ely Drago]
Sabata – 1969 [Spanish voice of a prostitute]
Sonora – 1969 [Spanish voice of Donatella Turri]
Doc – 1972 [Spanish voice of Hedy Sontag]
The Return of Clint the Stranger – 1973 [Spanish voice of Augusto Pescrini]
Alleluia and Sartana, Sons of God – 1974 [Spanish voice of Uschi Glas]
Blindman – 1980 [Spanish voice of Marisa Solinas]
Louisiana – 1985 [Spanish voice of Andréa Ferréol]
Ace High – 1990 [Spanish voice of Tiffany Hoyveld]

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