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RIP Stan Dragoti

Stan Dragoti, the famous Hollywood producer of Albanian origin, dies

Gazeta Kombi
July 14, 2018

Stan Dragoti, an Albanian-born Albanian artist died at age 86 in Los Angeles, California. Stan Dragot, known by Albanians as an Albanian who "bumps" the walls of Hollywood, or the man who made the revival of New York dreams with the famous "I love New York" star. He is said to have been born on October 4, 1932 in New York City.

His origin is Albanian. Coming from a Tepelenase family, who emigrated very early in the US. His father Asllan from the attractive attraction village, Dragot (whose surname is the artist) of Tepelena and his mother Bahrie from the ancient city of Tepelena. The first steps of this genius began in the child.

At a young age she was very curious and interested in spending time in front of television programs. Every movie she watched was passionate about commenting on her sisters and parents. At age 7, he began to draw, imagine, and many sketches of age. According to Wikipedia, it is said that these were the origins that led to his dream reality. He also finished college at Cooper Union, New York and the visual arts school. He has been cooperating since 1968 with his colleague Charli Moss. Stani made his first appearance as director of a movie that had incredible success. Some sales exceeded $ 200 million in every company's production. At the same time, he started advertising ads on the giants of the car industry and the car industry. Intelligent and creative man putting them in the service of time. It became too popular and wanted for the time itself. Had time taken care of the right moment to revive New York dreams.

It's unforgettable for those who lived in the 1970s when he remembers the movie - the movie that has "conquered" the many colors of the giant metropolis of New York City for the "I love New York" movie. A "red-hearted two-letter NY Kindle Heart" What I read in Albanian I love New York all my heart. Although so many years have passed, this slut is like the New York hymn "I love New York". During numerous meetings with former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, in his active life, he has been not only discussing filmmaking, but also launching Albania into Hollywood, launching Albanian tourism around the world, and why not religious tolerance according to the artist is very important.

A well-known director of Albanian origin, especially for the movies "Love at First Bite", a black comedy on Dracula's theme and "The One With One Red Shoe" , 1985), a romantic comedy with Tom Hanks and James Belushi, had expressed the idea of the Albanian prime minister for the realization of three important cinematographic projects. From sources near the former Prime Minister, during the Berisha leadership, it is learned that Dragoti had a project in collaboration with other American producers, realizing three films for Albania. Which the artist had at that time presented to the former prime minister three film projects to bring to Hollywood, which were one of the stories of Scanderbeg's story, another film project for the help that Albanians gave to the Jews and another to the collaboration with Peter Lucas, for the Second World War. "

The very Prime Minister Berisha had greeted the outstanding artist and congratulated him for the great contribution he has made with his work in raising the image of Albania in the international arena as well as for his constant interest in the developments and projects of the country of its origin. But in addition to the cinematic projects, prominent director Stan Dragoti in Albania had started with his producers and collaborators in the framework of efforts to promote and promote the development of Albanian tourism, recognition of Albania's history and traditions more widely through films history, documentaries on the country of Albania and the TV spots on tourism and tourist image of Albania.

During the conversation with Berisha at the time, Dragoti discussed the potentials Albania has in terms of tourism and investment in different fields, as well as the possibility and importance of developing an effective strategy for promoting as much of the product "made in Albania " worldwide. Also the artist had cast the idea of ​​realizing as much as possible the spots for Albanian tourism, emphasizing the publicity of the exotic and romantic side of Albanian nature, why not, and religious tolerance in Albania. Stan Dragoti is known especially for commercial video clips.

DRAGOTI, Stan (Stanley John Dragoti)
Born: 10/4/1932, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 7/13/2018, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Stan Dragoti’s western – director:
Dirty Little Billy - 1972

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