Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RIP Étienne Chicot

Actor Étienne Chicot is dead

In a nearly 45 year career, he had multiple the roles in cinema, television and theater.  He’s died at the age of 69.

Le Point

He was one of the familiar faces of French fiction and a recognizable voice.  French actor, composer and screenwriter Étienne Chicot died on Tuesday August 7th at the age of 69, announces Le Film Français.  His first notable role, after including a training course Simon in Paris, he found in 1979. He played the billionaire Zero Janvier who has the blues of the businessman in the musical Starmania, Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon, were alongside including France Gall.

Étienne Chicot goes throughout his life playing multiple roles in film and television - 120 films, 40 TV series and a dozen plays according to the accounts of the Parisian - during a career of 45 years.  He can be seen in Robin Davis' War of Fonts in 1979, Claude Miller's Deadly Hike in 1983, Ron Howard's Da Vinci Code in 2006, and Dany Boon's Supercondriac in 2014.

 Molière of the comedian in a supporting role

On television, he appeared in Navarro, Louis the Brocante, Nicolas Le Floch, Chefs but also Au théâtre tonight.  Étienne Chicot will also found consecration on the boards, he is also rewarded with a comedian's role in a second role in 1989 for his performance in A Absence Loleh Bellon.  In a 2014 interview with the Parisian, he said: "I have the best job in the world with the advantage  to be able to choose my roles. I salute the destiny that propelled me into this delicious world."

CHICOT, Étienne (Étienne Gilbert Chicot)
Born: 5/5/1949, Fécamp, Seine-Inférieure, France
Died: 8/7/2018, France

Étienne Chicot’s western – actor:
The Killer – 2017 (Monsieur Blanchard)

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