Saturday, November 24, 2018

RIP Matti Kuusla

Matti Kuusla (1933-2018) played shortcuts in about 40 films

By Niko Jutila

On Thursday, the actor Matti "Pikkis" Kuusla (1933-2018), died. He was well known to the general public, especially for hi television work, but he also paired with actors Arvo and Irja Kuusla and had a colorful movie career. Kuusla's father was the organizer of Suomen Filmiteollisuus Oy, whose director TJ Särkkä gave Kuusla the part of  the six-year-old son of JL Runeberg as the first filmmaker in the big movie The Poet King and the Migratory Bird (1940). It started Kuusla's "Career" in the role of small parts in Kuusla's 1990s, in about 40 films.

Kuusla was seen over the years either in very small roles or only in assistant duties , including Edwin Laine's Unknown Soldier (1955), Ville Salminen Evakuo (1956) and Särkän 1918 (1957). In the 1950s, film awards and awards were paid on the basis of the number of images they were involved in. If the picture showed an assistant, even if only the shoulder, it also justified as a picture fee. In Aarne Tarkas's Villi Pohjola (Wild North) (1955) Kuusla and another young slender, Pertti "Spede" Pasanen, try to grow their account by counting as many images as possible. The two were friends with the description secretary, who took a clear view of the descriptive plan and, on the basis of that, came back into both directions. According to Pasante's later story, he was seen in the West Bank, both in the huddle and in the audience of his own hobbyists.

Pasanen, Kuusla and Pentti Nevaluoma formed the humorous Bluff Brothers band, which was seen in Veikko Itkonen's revival film, Mullin malli (1961) and later on Spide's TV shows.
For television Kuusla had been working since 1958. In 1965, he and Jukka Virtanen and Aarre Elo made a short comedy film called Lumilinna , which was sent to Switzerland for international TV festivals, where it won the main prize. The first international award for Finnish TV production and received a lot of attention in Finland.

Born: 8/7/1933, Helsinki, Finland
Died: 11/22/2018, Espoo, Finland

Matti Kuusla’s western – actress:
Villi Pohjola – 1955 (Konna)

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