Friday, December 21, 2018

RIP Lucho Gatica

Mexican Film Bulletin
By David Wilt
December 2018

Singer Lucho Gatica died in Mexico City of  pneumonia on 13 November 2018; he was 90 years old. Luis Enrique Gatica Silva was born in Rancagua, Chile in August 1928.  He first became popular singing boleros in the early 1950s, and later in the decade moved to Mexico, where he lived for the rest of his life. 

In addition to his musical career, Gatica appeared in a number of motion pictures, sometimes as a musical star and other times in significant acting roles.  His films include A sablazo limpio (with
Viruta and Capulina), Viva la parranda, and Me casé con un cura. [Note: some sources erroneously indicate Gatica appeared in Dimensiones ocultas aka Don't Panic in
1986, but this is actually his son Luis, who was incorrectly billed as "Lucho Gatica."]

Lucho Gatica was married 3 times: first to actress Mapita Cortés (1960-1981, they had 5 children), then to Diane Lane Schmidt (1982-85, one child), and finally to Lesley Deeb (1986-2018, one child)

GATICA, Lucho (Luis Enrique Gatica Silva)
Born: 8/11/1928, Rancagua, Chile
Died: 11/13/2018, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Lucho Gatica’s western – actor:
Viva la parranda (1960)

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