Saturday, May 25, 2019

RIP Alberico Motta

Farewell to the cartoonist Alberico Motta

By Redazione Comicus
May 23, 2019

The comic artist Alberico Motta left us today at age 81, as reported by his colleague Sandro Dossi in a post on Facebook .

Born in Monza on 6 October 1937, Motta is particularly known for having designed several humorous series for the Bianconi Editions, such as Tiramolla, Geppo, Nonna Abelarda, and the Braccio di Ferro and Tom & Jerry comics. He is also the author of the Big Robot series, known to be one of the first examples of "Italian manga".

His debut dates back to 1954 on the Cri-Cri children's magazine. Later, in addition to Edizioni Alpe and Edizioni Bianconi, he will also collaborate with Mondadori, drawing several stories for Mickey Mouse starting from the 80s. He will make some of the first colorful computer stories and, together with his sons Dario and Valeria, Disney's first digital comic book.

In 1992 he will say goodbye to the world of comics to devote himself to advertising graphics as an art director in an advertising agency devoting himself to the study of digital technique in the illustration.

The funeral will be held tomorrow at 3.30 pm in Villasanta at the church of San Fiorano.

The Comicus Editor tightens up to family and friends for heartfelt condolences.

MOTTA, Alberico
Born: 10/6/1937, Monza, Milan, Lombardy, Italy
Died: 5/23/2019, Villasanta, Lombardy, Italy

Alberico Motta’s western – comic book artist:
Capitan Miki – 1952-1953
Kinowa – 1952-1953
Buffalo Bill – 1952-1953
El Coyote - 1954

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