Tuesday, May 14, 2019

RIP Giampiero Boneschi

Addio Giampiero Boneschi

By Massimo Privitera
May 16, 2019

The famous Maestro Giampiero Boneschi, a rather important and historical figure of the Italian music and author of several soundtracks for cinema and multiple films, left us on May 12th at his home in Segrate, in the Milanese province, at the venerable age of 92 years. acronyms for Rai and Mediaset. Born January 31, 1927 in Milan, he was a pianist, composer, arranger, producer and conductor, as well as the founder of the first post-war Italic jazz group and a member of a trio called Gambarelli-Mojoli-Boneschi and popular jazz ensembles.

His famous television themes have accompanied legendary Rai and Canale 5 programs such as ‘Lascia o radoppia’? and ‘Scherzi a parte’, and has collaborated with names such as Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli, Umberto Bindi and Fabrizio De André, recording with famous record labels, see La voce del padrone, Odeon, Philips, Cam and Dischi Ricordi. He composed the scores for animated films such as the cult feature “West and Soda” by Bruno Bozzetto in 1965, in which he uses the typical stylistic features of the western symphonic tradition of the Hollywood Golden Age, with some winks to experimentations Morriconiane of the progenitor of the Leonian trilogy, “For a Fistful of Dollars” in 1964, and for the short film “Mr. Rossi Buys the 1966 Automobile”, and for another animated film, “The Long Green Stocking” by R. Gavioli from 1961. Care for music from Duccio Tessari's 1965 film, “A Wish to Die”.

BONESCHI, Giampiero
Born: 1/31/1927, Milan Lombardy, Italy
Died: 5/12/2019, Segrate, Lombardy, Italy

Giampiero Boneschi’s western - composer:
West and Soda – 1964

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