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RIP Pierre Hatet

Pierre Hatet is dead, and you've heard him thousands of times without knowing it

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By Olivier Bénis
May 25, 2019 at 11:38

He is one of those comedians whose name or even the physical does not say anything to you, but whose voice accompanied your childhood, your adolescence, even the continuation. Pierre Hatet died in Paris at 89, and here is a good opportunity to hear it again.

There are trades, in some areas, that attract less spotlight than others. And for good reason: Pierre Hatet, born in 1930, noticed on the boards by Jean Vilar "himself", actor at the theater from 1953 to 1998, has in fact become famous as a dubbing actor, in short as the unforgettable voice ... other actors. Even animated characters.

A path to which he arrived by radio and then television. In 1969, he played the French voice of the hero of the series "Mannix" .

Then the youngest found him in the role of the evil Gomez, ruthless conquistador in "The Mysterious Cities of Gold", in 1983.

But it is in 1985 that Pierre Hatet will know his greatest success, by superimposing his voice on the face of an American actor then unknown in France, in a film that few people had expected success: "Back to the Future ".

There is double Christopher Lloyd in the role of "Doc" Emmett Brown , eccentric scientist inventor of a time machine in the form of a dashing DeLorean. A performance to which he adds a touch of madness, and a few replicas deliciously adapted from English to French ("Name of Zeus" instead of "Great Scott") who will participate in making the film cult in our country.

In the cinema, Pierre Hatet's career will be inextricably linked to that of Christopher Lloyd . He takes on the role of Doc Brown in the two sequels of "Back to the Future", but will also play the odd Fétide Addams in "The Addams Family", or the disturbing Judge Demort in "Who wants the skin of Roger Rabbit"

A connection that will almost eclipse the other American actors embodied by Pierre Hatet, who has also occasionally lent his voice to Tom Selleck, Donald Sutherland, James Corburn or Kris Kristofferson, among many others. Not to mention, always for those who saw them children, memorable appearances in the animated series "Animaniacs" , in the role of the megalomaniac Cortex mouse.
The world's most famous laughter of superheroes

All this was already a good career, however, Pierre Hatet will add another voice, particularly noteworthy for fans, to his repertoire. From 1992, he became the Joker in the animated series Batman , a role that had been entrusted on the other side of the Atlantic Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, excuse the little). A role where, as for Doc Brown, he can fully play on the madness of the character.

Pierre Hatet will play the Joker in many of the animated adaptations of Batman's adventures, and will resume the same role in the Batman: Arkham video game series . Again, if he is inspired by the original interpretation of Mark Hamill, he adds his inimitable personal touch, at the height of the ambiguity of the clown prince of crime.

In 2017, for his last vocal appearance (he is retired), Pierre Hatet participated in the short film "We got double," Nicolas Ramade, a tribute of 23 minutes to all these comedians invisible but will remain long in a corner of our eardrums.

HATET, Pierre (Pierre Marius Alfred Hatet)
Born: 4/20/1930, Auffay, Seine Inferecure, France
Died: 5/24/2019, Paris, Île-de-France, France

PIERRE, Hatet’s westerns – actor, voice dubber:
The Rogue Rider – 1954 [French voice of Randolph Scott]
The Magnificent Seven – 1960 [French voice of Bing Russell]
Cemetery Without Crosses – 1969 (Frank Rogers)
The Beguiled – 1971 [French voice of Clint Eastwood]
The Last Hard Men – 1976 [French voice of Jorge Rivero]
The Frisco Kid – 1979 [French voice of William Smith]
Back to the Future 3 – 1980 [French voice of Christopher Lloyd]
Death Hunt – 1981 [French voice of Ed Lauter]
The Man from Snowy River – 1982 [French voice Tony Bonner]
The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV) – 1982 [French voice of Gomez]
Silverado – 1985 [French voice of Earl Lindman]
Appaloosa – 2008 [French voice of Tom Bower]
A Thousand and One Ways to Die in the West – 2014 [French voice of Christopher Lloyd]

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