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RIP Sonia Infante

Sonia Infante dies at 75 years of cardiac arrest

Turquesa News
By Jannette León
July 16, 2019

Sonia Infante dies at 75 years of cardiac arrest. The actress had been hospitalized for three months in the Durango hospital; her brother did not manage to say goodbye to her.

The actress Sonia Infante passed away at the age of 75, confirmed by her brother Toño Infante through the publicist Nuria Ariza. According to the information provided by Toño, she had been hospitalized for three months in the Durango hospital, her health was very bad and she had requested euthanasia.

"It was very serious, (Toño told me) that the law already granted her the benefit of being disconnected and she already wanted it. He was going to say goodbye to her, but he did not reach her," said Ariza, who a few years ago was in charge of the press office of Sonia, who worked alongside national film stars such as Cantinflas in Su Excelencia (1966) and Vicente Fernández in Por tu maldito amor (1990).

The actress, who died after suffering a paralysis in the body, was born in Morelia, Michoacán, on February 2, 1944, was the daughter of actor Angel Infante and niece of the idol of Mexico,  Pedro Infante . After showing interest in the middle of the show, she decided to study acting and had his big-screen debut in the film Dormitory for young ladies (1960).

In the 60's she had great fame and was called to be part of the cast of more than 50 feature films, among the most outstanding are “Ellas también son rebeldes” (1961), “Las leandras” (1961), “Juana Gallo” (1961), “Suicídate mi amor” (1961), “Las luchadoras contra el médico asesino” (1963), “Museo del horror” (1964), “El pozo” (1965) and  “La vida de Pedro Infante” (1966).

Another one of the tapes of which it was part was “Despedida de soltera” (1966), “Pasión oculta” (1967) and “La soldadera” (1967), in which she shared credits with Jaime Fernandez and Silvia Pinal, with whom years later would have an enmity. In 1967 he temporarily withdrew from the stage after marrying Gustavo Alatriste.

With Alatriste she was married for 18 years and had two children, Ángela and Pedro, with this last one she starred in a controversy in 2013, when she was already accused by one of her cousins ​​of the alleged dispossession and embezzlement of Condominios Plaza Condesa; of which she was the only living owner with 10 percent of the shares.

She divorced Gustavo Alatriste in 1982 - he decided then to marry Silvia Pinal (for her it was her second wedding, after her relationship with Rafael Banquells), which caused the distancing with Infante.

After this separation he returned to the world of acting with works in "Historia de una mujer escandalosa" (1984), "Toña Machetes" (1985) and "The Treasure of The Amazon" (1985).

One of the characteristics of her roles, is that she performed in partial nudity. In the decade of the 80’s she made appearances in “La casa que arde de noche”, “Pero sigo siendo el rey”, “Mujer de fuego” y “Los placeres ocultos”. In this time she married actor Andrés García. Her last performance was in 2007, in "Sin miedo a la muerte", by producer José Carrera González.

Still more details of her death are unknown, as well as her funerals. Rest in peace.

INFANTE, Sonia (Sonia Angélica Infante López )
Born: 2/2/1944, Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico
Died: 7/16/2019, Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

Sonia Infante’s westerns – actress:
Viva Chihuahua - 1961
El muchacho de Durango – 1962 (María)
Alias El Alacrán – 1963 (María)
Dos alegres gavilanes – 1963 (Guillermina)
Los parranderos - 1963
Cinco asesinos esperan – 1964
Para todas hay – 1965
Alma grande – 1966 (Norma)
El comandante Furia - 1966
El jinete justiciero en retando a la muerte – 1966 (Paula Zermeño)
Jinetes de la llanura – 1966 (Maria)
Outside the Law – 1966
Crisol – 1967 (Lupe)
Cruces sobre el yermo – 1967 (María)
La leyenda del bandido – 1967 (Isabel Guerra)
Pistoleros de la frontera - 1967
Aquel famoso Remington – 1982 (Rosa Perez)
Toña Machetes – 1985 (Toña)

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