Monday, August 5, 2019

RIP Roberto Bodegas

Director Roberto Bodegas dies, founder of the ‘Third Way’ of Spanish cinema
Author of 'Spanish in Paris' and 'Healthy marital life', has passed away at age 86

El Pais
August 2, 2019

The film director Roberto Bodegas, founder along with José Luis Dibildos of the well-known as the third way of Spanish cinema (a label from the 70s to designate films that oscillated between the popular and the intellectual), has passed away at the age of 86 age, as confirmed by family sources.

Bodegas began his career in feature films in the early 1970s with Spaniards in Paris, work in which actors such as José Sacristán, Máximo Valverde, Tina Sainz or Ana Belén shared screen. The film talked about the difficulties of Spanish women when emigrating to France in the 60s.

Subsequently, other titles such as Healthy Marital Life (1974), also with Ana Belén and José Sacristán, in which divorce in Spain, or Provisional Freedom (1976), with Concha Velasco and Patxi Andión addressing the social reintegration of the prisoners.

The new Spaniards (1974), with José Sacristán and Amparo Soler and in which the arrival of multinationals or Matar al Nani (1988), about police corruption, are addressed, are some of the titles that complete his filmography.

From the 90s, Bodegas made the leap to the small screen highlighting some of his latest works, already in 2008, at the head of the miniseries on the crime of Phage or the 20-N television tape: Los Franco's last days, with Manuel Alexandre in the role of the dictator.

BODEGAS, Roberto
Born: 6/3/1933, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died: 8/2/2019, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Roberto Bodegas’ western – assistant director:
Chino - 1970

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