Friday, October 18, 2019

RIP Igo Kantor

Los Angeles Times
October 18, 2019

August 18, 1930 - October 15, 2019 Igo Kantor, born in Vienna, Austria, 1930, raised Lisbon, Portugal, through 1947, first sailed to the US to study at UCLA in 1948. Igo became a U.S. citizen in 1952. He received his bachelor's in International Relations and master's from UCLA. One of Igo's first Hollywood jobs was as an assistant film editor at Columbia Studios. He worked on the film All the King's Men with editor Al Clark, a lunchtime drinker who some days would not return to work. Igo found himself editing large parts of the film himself including the famous railroad speech. In 1954, Igo became head of the Television Music Dept. of Columbia Studios and its subsidiary Screen Gems. The well-known 1950s television series for which Igo did either music direction or music supervision include Playhouse 90, Father Know Best, The Donna Reed Show, and Ford Theatre. In the mid-'60s, Igo opened a post-production house called Synchrofilm. He wrote the musical theme for two Tarzan films and became post-production supervisor on The Monkees TV series. He also headed post-production on the Jack Nicholson films Easy Rider and Five Easy Pieces. In the late '60s, Igo received Emmy nominations three years in a row for his work on The Bob Hope Christmas Special. In the '70s, Igo became an independent film producer. For the next four decades, he made low-budget thrillers and horror films. These films include Kingdom of the Spiders with William Shatner, Hardly Working with Jerry Lewis and Act of Piracy with Gary Busey. In 1992, Igo won a Western Heritage Award for his TV documentary Legends of the West with Jack Palance. Igo spoke seven languages and worked film productions throughout the world. He was a dedicated sports fan committed to his beloved Dodgers, Lakers and Rams. His proudest achievement was marrying and starting a family. He is survived by his wife Enid, his son Loren and daughter-in-law Gabrielle, his son Mark and daughter-in-law Lijian, his daughter Lisa and daughter-in-law Renee and his two grandsons Anthony and Andre.

Born: 8/18/1930, Vienna, Austria
Died: 10/15/2019, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Igo Kantor’s westerns – music editor, coordinator, supervisor, execurive producer:
Gunsmoke in Tucson – 1958 [music coordinator]
Tate (TV) – 1960 [music editor]
Empire (TV) – 1962-1964 [music editor]
Ride in the Whirlwind – 1966 [music editor]
The Shooting – 1966 [music editor]
Hang ‘Em High – 1968[music coordinator]
Viva Max! – 1969 [music supervisor]
The McMasters - 1970 [music upervisor]
Legends of the West – 1992 [executive producer]

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