Saturday, May 30, 2009

RIP Jack C. Lewis

Screenwriter Jack C. Lewis died at his Hawaiian home on May 24, 2009. Born in Iowa in n1924, Lewis was an actor, stuntman and production assistant since 1949. He owned his own publishing company for 37 years and also owned Gun World Magazine before retiring 1997 and moving to Hawaii. He continued to write articles and books using the name C. Jack Lewis. He was a co-writer of 1965’s “Black Eagle of Santa Fe”.

LEWIS, Jack C.
Born: 11/13/1924, Iowa, U.S.A.
Died: 5/24/2009, Hilo, Hawaii, U.S.A

Jack C. Lewis' westerns, production assistant, screenwriter, actor, stunts:
Stallion Canyon - 1949 [production assistant]
Fast on the Draw - 1950 [screenwriter]
Outlaw Gold - 1950 [screenwriter]
King of the Bullwhip - 1950 [screenwriter]
Whistling Hills - 1951 [screenwriter]
Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory - 1952 [actor]
The Cisco Kid (TV) - 1952 [screenwriter]
Dakota Incident - 1956 [screenwriter, stunts]
Naked Gun - 1956 [screenwriter, actor]
The Horse Soldiers - 1959 [stunts]
Sergeant Rutledge - 1960 [actor, stunts]
Death Valley Days (TV) - 1962 [screenwriter]
Black Eagle of Santa Fe - 1965 [screenwriter]
Billy the Kid vs Dracula - 1966 [screenwriter]

RIP Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis, a producer of TV dramas in the 1950s, dies at 89.

Producer of TV dramas in the '50s

Richard Lewis, 89, a TV producer who brought to the small screen such
1950s series as "Wagon Train" and "M Squad," died Monday of
complications from melanoma at his home in Somers, N.Y., according to
his son Jeffrey.

As a producer and executive producer for Revue Productions and then
Universal Television, Lewis worked on "M Squad," a police drama
starring Lee Marvin that ran from 1957 to 1960, and "Wagon Train," a
western anthology featuring Ward Bond and John McIntire that aired
from 1957 to 1965.

He also produced the pilot episode of "Leave It to Beaver" in 1957 and
worked on such anthology TV series as "General Electric Theater," "Bob
Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre" and "Studio 57."

Lewis was among a group of TV executives who testified in 1961 about
the depiction of violence on TV before a Senate subcommittee
investigating juvenile delinquency.

According to contemporary news reports, Lewis defended the Revue TV
programs and drew parallels with ancient Greek tragedies and
Shakespeare's plays, saying children "would sooner emulate the hero
who wins than the villain who loses."

Lewis was born in New York City on Jan. 2, 1920. After graduating from
Yale University in 1940, he got his start working on radio programs
before moving to television.

LEWIS, Richard
Born: 1/2/1920, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 5/25/2009, Somers, New York, U.S.A.

Richard Lewis' westerns - producer:
Wagon Train (TV) - 1957, 1958
Whispering Smith (TV) - 1961

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RIP Fernando Hilbeck

Spanish actor Fernando Hilbeck died in Madrid, Spain on April 25, 2009 of natural causes. Hilbeck’s father was of British origin but he himself was born in Madrid on July 7, 1933. He studied in Peru and graduated with a degree in Humanities from the University of Lima. It was also the place where he first became active in acting on stage which carried over to Rome where he was first offered roles in Hollywood films like “Francis of Assisi” and “Barabbas” both 1961. After this he returned to Spain where he began a long film career. Hilbeck was a favorite of producer, director Sidney Pink and appeared in the Euro-westerns “The Christmas Kid” and “The Tall Women” among other Pink productions.

HILBECK, Fernando full name Fernando José Hilbeck Gavalda
Born: 7/7/1933, Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Died: 4/25/2009, Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Fernando Hilbeck’s westerns - actor:
Welcome Padre Murray – 1962
The Terrible Sheriff – 1962
The Sign of the Coyote 1963
Dollars for a Fast Gun – 1965
Son of a Gunfighter – 1966
Kid Rodelo – 1966
The Christmas Kid – 1966
The Tall Women – 1966
The Vengeance of Pancho Villa – 1966
Villa Rides! – 1968
Zorro, the Rider of Vengeance – 1970
Pancho Villa – 1971
The Man Called Noon – 1973

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

RIP Jane Randolph

Film noir star Jane Randolph dies at 94
Actress starred in 1940s 'Cat People' movies
By Mike Barnes
Holywood Reporter
May 26, 2009, 04:38 PM ET

Jane Randolph, who starred in the two "Cat People" film noir classics of the 1940s, died May 4 in Gstaad, Switzerland of complications from a broken hip. She was 94.

Randolph appeared opposite Simone Simon in 1942's "Cat People" and again in "The Curse of the Cat People" two years later. She also had lead rolls in the film noirs "Highways by Night" (1942), "Jealousy" (1945) and "Railroaded!" (1947) and appeared in two films in the series featuring the detective known as the Falcon.

After "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" (1948), Randolph largely retired from acting. In 1949, she married movie producer and Southern California businessman Jaime del Amo -- the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, Calif., was built on his family's land -- and moved to Spain.

A native of Youngstown, Ohio, Randolph had a chalet in Switzerland in addition to a home in Los Angeles.

RANDOLPH, Jane (Jane Roermer)
Born: 10/30/1915, Youngstown, Ohio, U.S.A.
Died: 5/4/2009, Gstaad, Switzerland

Jane Randolph's western - actress:
Fool's Gold - 1947

Monday, May 25, 2009

RIP Pedro Sempson

Pedro Sempson Garido retired from show business in 2001 but is still recognized as the Spanish voice of such TV characters as Geoffrey the butler on “The Prince of Bel Air” and as Mr. Montgomery Burns on “The Simpsons”. Sempson who died May 25th at the age of 88 in Barcelona Spain, had developed a solid career in Spanish television dramas such as “Estudio1, Novela”, “Teatro de siempre o Historias para no dormer”. Sempson began his career as a stage actor and appeared in several films including his collaboration with Chicho Ibáñez Serrador in several Horror films in the 1960s. Since 1978 Sempson focused his career on dubbing and was involved in over 500 films and Television programs. One of his memorable voices was as the Spanish voice of Peter Cushing in the Sherlock Holmes series.

SEMPSON, Pedro (Pedro Sempson Garrido)
Born: 6/18/1920, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain
Died: 5/25/2009, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain

Pedro Sempson’s westerns – voice actor:
The Sign of Zorro - 1962 [Spanish voice of Luigi Bonos]
The Sign of the Coyote - 1963 [Spanish voice of Jose Jaspe]
Apache Fury - 1964 [Spanish voice of Silas]
The Last Tomahawk – 1964 [Spanish voice of Carl Lange]
Seven from Texas – 1964 [Spanish voice of Paco Sanz]
For a Few Dollars More – 1965 [Spanish voice of Tomas Blanco]
Kid Rodelo – 1965 [Spanish voice of Richard Carlson]
A Man Called Gringo – 1965 [Spanish voice of Dave]
A Place Called Glory – 1965 [Spanish voice of Aldo Sambrell]
The Colt is My Law – 1966 [Spanish voice of Livio Lorenzon]
Face to Face – 1966 [Spanish voice of Antonio Casas]
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 1966 [Spanish voice of Mario Brega]
A Taste for Killing – 1966 [Spanish voice of “Patrick”]
The Ugly Ones – 1966 [Spanish voice of Glenn Foster]]
The Vengeance of Pancho Villa – 1966 [Spanish voice of Villista]
Day of Anger – 1967 [Spanish voice of Ennio Balbo]
Run Man Run – 1967 [Spanish voice of Antonio Casas]
A Taste for Killing – 1967 [Spanish voice of Patrick]
The Vengeance of Pancho Villa – 1967 [Spanish voice of villager]
A Gun for 100 Graves – 1968 [Spanish voice of Calisto Calisti]
The Magnificent Texan – 1968 [Spanish voice of Luis Induni]
Once Upon a Time in the West – 1968 [Spanish voice of Jack Elam and Keenan Wynn]
Death on High Mountain – 1969 [Spanish voice of Keeney]
The Price of Power – 1969 [Spanish voice of Antonio Casas]
Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid – 1969 [Spanish voice of Dan van Husen]
Rebels of Arizona – 1969 [Spanish voice of Jones]
Plomo sobre Dallas – 1970 [Spanish voice of Carpintero]
They Call Me Trinity – 1970 [Spanish voice of ‘Aldeano’]
The Buzzards and Crows Will Dig Your Grave – 1971 [Spanish voice of Raf Baldassarre]
Holy Water Joe – 1971 [Spanish voice of Dante Maggio]
Pancho Villa – 1971 [Spanish voice of Eduardo Calvo]
Trinity is Still My Name – 1971 [Spanish voice of Puppo de Luca, Tony Norton, Hendricks, judge]
Call of the Wild – 1972 [Spanish voice of Alf Malland]
Dead Men Ride – 1972 [Spanish voice of Jose Nieto]
Tequila – 1973 [Spanish voice of Mirko Ellis]

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alexander Grill

GRILL, Alexander
Born: 1938, Graz, Austria
Died: 5/22/2009, Vienna, Austria

Actor Alexander Grill dies of stroke:

Veteran actor Alexander Grill died Friday May 22 in Vienna from a stroke.

The Theater in der Josefstadt announced the death of Grill, who had been scheduled to act in the premiere of the play "Talisman" at the theatre yesterday evening.

Grill, 70, who had replaced Fritz Muliar as Baron Ciccio in the play "Die Wirtin" at the beginning of May, suffered a stroke last Saturday. Muliar died at age 79 on 4 May.

Grill, who was born in 1938 in Graz, had been a member of the theatre’s ensemble of actors since 2005. He also had many engagements in Germany at theatres and opera houses in Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt.

The actor also appeared in a number of performances at Vienna’s Burgtheater, Volkstheater and Akademietheater, at others during the city’s annual "Festwochen" (Festival Weeks), and at some at Graz’ Schauspielhaus.

Alexander Grill's western - actor:
Cry of the Black Wolves - 1972

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dolores Sutton

[Dolores Sutton right]

SUTTON, Dolores
Born: 1927
Died 5/11/2009, Englewood, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Dolores Sutton
SUTTON--Dolores. Distinguished actress, passed away May 11, 2009. Survived by sister Eileen Fairmont, niece Leslie, nephew Steve, dear friend Karen Ashley and great-nieces Rocky and Gaby. Celebration of life, Friday, May 15, 2-6pm. Call 212-355-1284. Please send donations to the Actors' Fund Home, in Engelwood, NJ. (NY Times)

Dolores Sutton's western - actress:
Gunsmoke (TV) - 1963