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RIP Joachim Fuchsberger

TV legend Joachim Fuchsberger has died
Der Standard
By Staff
September 11, 2014
The presenter and actor died at 87 years old in his home near Munich
Munich - Joachim Fuchsberger was one of the greats of television: For decades, he entertained people - as an entertainer, emcee and actor. "I am a television dinosaur", "Blacky" had joked on his 80th birthday. In this case, the occurrence of Stuttgarters so do not meet the massive prehistoric creatures. He was a gentleman of the old school - and gallant.
Just like the big show he loved the challenge, often involving the Television company to despair. However, no matter whether on television, in the theater or cinema - "Blacky" remained popular. Now Fuchsberger has died on Thursday at the age of 87 years at his home in Gruenwald near Munich, his wife told the news agency dpa.
A untroubled old age was the fun-loving actor and his wife Gundula was not granted. In October 2010, their son Thomas was killed. An infinite pain. "It is in our old age, a brutal termination of our zest for life that we still had" Fuchsberger had declared in an interview shortly thereafter. "We have lost our most precious gift - our only son." What remained was a couple who dearly loved and was concerned with touching devotion for each other.
Their time together lasted since 1954, well over 60 years - without infidelities and scandals. During which an actor who stood as a youthful lover with movie beauties such as Romy Schneider, Senta Berger or Marianne Hold on set Fuchsberger knowledge: "Opportunity makes not only thieves, but also love." Therefore, his wife would accompany him during most filming assignments. And then there were the four vows: ".. Understanding, trust, forgiveness, renunciation That sounds terribly easy, but produced during the times when it comes down to it, then it becomes quite difficult"
From the glamor of the film world Fuchsberger was initially far away. In 1927, he was born in Stuttgart, his father was a representative for typesetting machines. After school, he tried out a lot. He mounted typesetting and printing machines, was a miner and texted hit. In 1950, he landed at the Bayerischer Rundfunk, Munich Radio at that time, three years later, he was in television and soon in film. There he played the handsome beau, "this very thread, dussligen young lovers," as he described it himself. Therefore, the role as a police detective in horror films of Edgar Wallace seemed just right. Movies like "The Witcher" or "The Dark Eyes of London" were cult in the 1960s. In 2007, he continued the shower movies with a movie role in the Edgar Wallace parody "Neues vom Wixxer".
The peak of his popularity reached Fuchsberger as an emcee. His first-rate program "Nur nicht nervös werden," 1960 was followed by many more. But it also rained criticism. In addition to lack of depth, many lamented its loose sayings. For a storm of protest he attended, when he appeared at the ARD in his live-show rate "Auf los geht's loson" in her nightgown, to a bet of "Wetten, dass? .." Redeem. As the criticism subsided and also decreased the audience, he threw 1986 Moderation back.
Fuchsberger retired to Australia and directed documentaries. In 1990, he returned with "Ja oder Nein" as emcee. For many years the couple lived alternately in Grünwald near Munich and in The Land Down Under.
In his last years Fuchsberger seemed fragile, tired. Nevertheless, always the joker was flashed in his eyes and let the great man seem surprising teen with snow-white hair. On his 85th birthday in 2012 he had a wink muses in a poem before death. "From hollow eyes he grins now and says: Will you come voluntarily, old man weirs is pointless, get ready for the final step in the eternity you look and put the end in his hands your trembling hands In?.. breaking eye a glimmer of hope, and then gibste the spoon - forever. "(APA, dpa, Cordula Dieckmann, 09/11/2014)
FUCHSBERGER, Joachim (Joachim Karl Fuchsberger)
Born: 3/11/1927, Zuffenhausen, Stuttgart, Germany
Died: 9/11/2014, Grünwald, Bavaria, Germany
Joachim Fuchsberger’s westerns – actor:
The Last Tomahawk - 1964 (Captain Bill Hayward)
Who Killed Johnny R.? - 1966 (Clyde Smith)

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