Thursday, January 31, 2019

RIP Andrew McCullough

Los Angeles Times
January 31, 2019

September 7, 1924 - January 22, 2019 Died January 22nd in Los Angeles, CA, at the age of 94. Playwright (The General's Other Son), Television Director/Writer (over 250 episodes including Omnibus [Leonard Bernstein, Orson Welles, Agnes De Mille], The Donna Reed Show, Maverick, The Fugitive, Family Ties [also 1st AD]), Novelist (Rough Cut), Producer (Mary Martin's original Peter Pan, Audrey Hepburn in Mayerling), veteran (World War II crash crew and disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio), Harvard graduate, and Master's in Clinical Psychology. His proudest achievement was 40 years of sobriety and the work he did with those working the 12 steps. Divorced from Bethel Leslie, predeceased by his wife Janet Carlson McCullough and grandson Andrew McCullough Jeffries. Andrew is survived by his daughter, Leslie McCullough Jeffries (Charles Jeffries), grandchildren Erin and Liam Jeffries, sister Jean M. Weir (Peter Weir), her children Brad and Liz Weir, countless friends and his beloved companion Julia Adams. Funeral will be Saturday, February 9th, 11:00 AM at All Saints Episcopal Church, 504 N. Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. In lieu of flowers the family suggests donations to The Paralyzed Veterans of America, The Southern Poverty Law Center or the ASPCA.

Born: 9/7/1924, North Hempstead, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 1/22/2019, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Andrew McCullough’s westerns – director:
Mr. I. Magination: Annie Oakley (TV) – 1952
Maverick (TV) – 1961
Cowboy in Africa (TV) - 1967

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

RIP Dick Miller

Dick Miller, ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Terminator’ Actor, Dies at 90

By Nate Nickolai
January 30, 2019

Dick Miller, a prolific screen actor best known for his role as Murray Futterman in the 1984 classic horror film “Gremlins,” has died. He was 90.

With a career spanning more than 60 years, Miller has made hundreds of on screen appearances, beginning in the 1950s with legendary director and producer Roger Corman. It was then that he starred as Walter Paisley – a character the actor would reprise throughout his career – in the cult classic “A Bucket of Blood,” before going on to land roles on projects such as “The ‘Burbs,” “Fame” and “The Terminator.”

Miller also boasts a long history of high-profile director partnerships, working with the likes of James Cameron, Ernest Dickerson, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles and, perhaps most notably, Joe Dante, who used Miller in almost every project he helmed.

In one of Dante’s earlier films, “Piranha,” Miller played Buck Gardner, a small-time real estate agent who’s opening up a new resort on Lost River Lake. The only catch? A large school of genetically altered piranha have accidentally been released into the resort’s nearby rivers. Next up was a police chief role in the 1971 film “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School” before reprising the Walter Paisely mantle as an occult bookshop owner in Dante’s 1981 horror film “The Howling.”

Other notable appearances include the 1986 cult favorite “Night of the Creeps,” where he shared the screen with Tom Atkins as a police ammunitions office named Walt – he supplies Atkins with some necessary firepower fin the face of an alien worm-zombie invasion – and a pawnshop owner in James Cameron’s 1984 hit “The Terminator; the same year he appeared in yet another of Dante’s films, “Gremlins.”

Most recently, Miller reprised the role of Walter Paisely for a final time as a rabbi in Eben McGarr’s horror film “Hanukkah.”

Miller is survived by his wife Lainie, daughter Barbara and granddaughter Autumn.

MILLER, Dick (Richard Miller)
Born: 12/25/1928, Bronx, New York City, New York
Died: 1/30/2019, Toluca Lake, California, U.S.A.

Dick Miller’s westerns – actor, writer:
Apache Woman – 1955 (Tall Tree)
Gunslinger – 1956 (Jimmy Tont)
The Oklahoma Woman – 1956 (bartender)
Bonanza (TV) – 1963 (Sam)
Gunsmoke (TV) – 1963 (townsman)
The Virginian (TV) – 1964 (Jon Blake)
Wagon Train (TV) – 1964 (Michael)
Branded (TV) – 1966 (wrangler)
A Time for Killing – 1967 (Zollcofer)
The Andersonville Trial (TV) – 1970 (sketch artist)
Four Rode Out – 1970 [writer]

RIP Louisa Moritz

Louisa Moritz dead: Bill Cosby accuser and Happy Days actress dies aged 72

Bill Cosby accuser and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest actress Louise Moritz has died aged 72

The Mirror
By Frances Kindon
January 30, 2019

Bill Cosby accuser and Happy Days star Louisa Moritz has died aged 72.

The Hollywood actress - who starred alongside Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - died last week at her home in Los Angeles, her rep confirmed.

She died of natural causes related to her heart, according to The Blast, and had 'deteriorated' physically over recent years.

Louisa alleged she was sexually assaulted in 1971 by Bill Cosby - and filed a lawsuit for defamation against the comedian in 2015 - which will continue despite her passing, with her estate handling the legal proceedings, The Blast reports.

Cosby, 81, has strenuously denied allegations of rape and sexual assault brought against him by a number of women and at the time Cosby's lawyers told TMZ: "We've reached a point of absurdity. The stories are getting more ridiculous."

Moritz said that not only were the comments defamatory, but that Cosby's team also brought up irrelevant information about the star to smear her in the public eye - including that she became a lawyer and was then disciplined by the State Bar of California.

In 2014 she spoke about the alleged attack for the first time.

The actress told TMZ she was at the NBC studios in New York in 1971 for an appearance on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and was waiting in the green room alone when Cosby knocked on the door. After saying he was impressed by her work: "[He] implied that he was going to see to it that I will become a major star through his direction."

Louisa played Rose in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and starred in Cheech and Chong's 1978 hit Up In Smoke.

MORITZ, Louisa (Louisa Cira Castro)
Born: 9/25/1946, Havana, Cuba
Died: 1/2?/2019, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Louisa Moritz’s western – actress:
The Oregon Trail - 1977

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

RIP William Swan

William H. Swan
February 6, 1928-  January 20, 2019

Berkshire Eagle
January 21, 2019

It is with great sadness that our family says goodbye to a beloved brother and uncle. William Swan (Bill), age 90, of Monterey, Massachusetts, passed away on January 20, 2019 in Lee, Massachusetts. Bill was born on February 6, 1928 in Amherst, New York. He was preceded in death by his parents, Earl and Irene Hall Swan, and his life partner of almost 40 years, Richard D. Dunlap. Surviving are his sister, Barbara Dominski, of Encinitas, California, niece Debra Dominski, of Encinitas, California, and nephew, Jeffrey Dominski, of Idaho.

Bill like most of his generation, joined the army immediately upon graduation from high school. He served in the occupation troops in Italy at the conclusion of World War II. He was honorably discharged at the completion of his service.

Bill immediately headed to California and pursued an acting career. Soon after, in 1962, he became a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild and American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He remained a member for 67 years. Bill was able to continue acting and auctioning for parts into his early 80s. His body of work encompasses 60 years of roles on stage, film and television. He performed in four off Broadway productions and playhouses throughout the country, too numerous to count. Bill had leading roles in over 100 productions including The Cocktail Hour, What the Butler Saw, California Suite, Night of the Iguana, and Blithe Spirit. He performed at the Berkshire Playhouse more than any other performer. He began performing in their summer stick productions as a very young man. Bill’s beloved Berkshire Playhouse is the reason he relocated to Monterey, Massachusetts in 1981.

Bill starred in Lady in the Cage with Olivia De Havilland, with whom he maintained a life long friendship. He was featured in the films Winter of Frozen Dreams, The Parallax View, Hotel, and The Horizontal Lieutenant. Bill guest starred in over 200 television series from the 1950s through 2000. All of the top rated TV shows of their time featured Bill Swan. He had roles in The Twilight Zone, Streets of San Francisco, Quincy, Perry Mason, Rockford Files, Barnaby Jones, Men of Annapolis, Father Knows Best, 12 O’clock High, Cannon and dozens more. Bill was a continuing character in the series, All My Children, The Young and the Restless, As The World Turns, and Dr. Kildare.

Bill lives the life of his dreams and he always expressed gratitude for that. He not only loved the acting, but the adventures and travels it provided and the people it brought into his life. No one could tell a story the way he did, and he had plenty of time to tell. He will always be remembered as the ultimate gentleman and an icon of class and style.

SWAN, William (William Hall Swan)
Born: 2/6/1928, Amherst, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 1/20/2019, Lee, Massachuestts, U.S.A.

William Swan’s westerns – actor:
Zane Grey Theater (TV) – 1957 (Union Lieutenant Grimes)
Have Gun – Will Travel (TV) – 1958 (Tracey Calvert)
26 Men (TV) – 1959 (Denver, Les Harrison)

RIP Erica Yohn

By Yohn Rosqui

It is with a heavy heart that I let my family and friends know of the passing of my mother Erica Yohn.

Another light went out on Broadway Sunday evening January 27th at 6:24 pm. Her passing was peaceful, she was at home surrounded by love.

Turn the house lights low, have a memory. Pour yourself a VERY dry martini, fire up the TV, take a look at her IMDB page, pick a favorite and laugh or cry as needed.

If you feel it, share a story. I'll start.

New York City, early 1970's. Mom is on Broadway in the play Lenny, she played Lenny Bruce's mom, a stripper....I was at the theater multiple nights a week watching my mother parade around in pasties and therapy!

She is also responsible for helping Pee Wee Herman find his bicycle in Pee Wees Big Adventure. Madame Ruby, the semi crooked pick pocketing fortune teller.

YOHN, Erica
Born: 10/1/1928, The Bronx, New York City, New York, U.S.A.
Died: 1/27/2019, U.S.A.

Erica Yohn’s western – voice actor:
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West – 1991 [English voice of Mama Mousekewitz]