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RIP Carlo Croccolo

Carlo Croccolohas died, the alter ego of Totò

The Neapolitan actor and voice actor was 92 years old. In his long career he had worked alongside the greatest comedians in over a hundred films, in the theater, and on TV

la Republica
By: Rita Celi
October 12, 2019

"This morning, at dawn, Maestro Carlo Croccolo died ": a short post on Facebook announces the disappearance of the Neapolitan actor. He was 92 years old. "He lived an extraordinary life as his talent was extraordinary" continues the brief message. Croccolo has worked in the cinema since the fifties alongside the greatest Italian comedians, from Totò to Eduardo De Filippo, in over a hundred films. He won a David di Donatello in 1989 for his interpretation of “'O re”, the historical film by Luigi Magni. He was also the father of the bride in “Tre uomini e una gamba” (1997) with Aldo, Giovanni e Giacomo. The funeral will be held in Naples on Sunday October 13 at 4 pm at the Chiesa San Ferdinando.

In his long career Croccolo worked mainly in the cinema since 1950 in over one hundred films. In particular he was a waiter, cook, coachman and butler of Totò in the role of a penniless nobleman. Among the many was the waiter Gondrano in “47 morto che parla” (1951), the butler Camillo in “Totò lascia o raddoppia?” (1956), Battista in “Signori si nasce” (1960). He was also a voice actor lending his voice to Oliver Hardy (taking the place of Alberto Sordi) in the 1950s and 1960s, even coming to dub both the characters of Laurel and Hardy. Starting from 1957 he also gave the voice to Totò, the only voice actor authorized by the actor: his is the voice of the character of the baroness Laudomia of Torrealta in “Totò diabolicus” (1962). He then dubbed it in some scenes of the two marshals and, in the final at the station, his voice is also the voice of Vittorio De Sica.

In the theater he was directed by Giorgio Strehler in “La grande magia” by Eduardo De Filippo and he acted in the comedies of Garinei and Giovannini Rinaldo “Rinaldo in campo” in the 1987 edition with Massimo Ranieri and “Aggiungi un posto a tavola” with Johnny Dorelli in the role of the mayor in edition of 1990. He also participated in television dramas and dramas, including ‘Capri’ in the role of the fisherman Totonno.

Among the legendary Croccolo tales, we recall the burning revelations made ten years ago when, at 81, he revealed he had a brief relationship with Marilyn Monroe. "Yes, unfortunately it is true. Marilyn Monroe and I have had a love story. It lasted only three months but I was madly in love with her. Only being with her was hell and I finally escaped" he said in an interview with TV Sorrisi e canzoni. "I met Norma (Marilyn's real name was Norma Jean Baker) in the worst period of her life: she would have died about a year later, in 1962" the actor said again. "I met her at a party in Los Angeles, through Sammy Davis and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy's entourage. I stood apart until I saw her. We started talking and then ... It started like this, as many stories begin ".

Croccolo lived with his wife Daniela Cenciotti for over 25 years in Castel Volturno and two years ago, for his 90 years, the mayor of the coastal town of Caserta handed him the keys to the city with the dedication "To Carlo Croccolo, for his 90 years of passion between theater and cinema". An occasion in which the actor recalled his long career: "I paid dearly for my 90 years as an actor. My years in cinema and theater were of passion, yes, but like Jesus Christ, because I did not have many awards and those I had, they made me pay a lot". Today his wife remembers him as "a tender and loving life companion. He has gone away, determined and aware as he lived. All of us have the duty and responsibility to perpetuate his memory and preserve his smile".

Born: 4/9/1927, Naples, Campania, Italy
Died: 10/12/2019, Naples, Campania, Italy

Carlo Croccolo’s westerns – director, writer, actor:
The Sheriff was a Lady – 1964 (Sheriff Mickey Stanton
Black Killer – 1971 (Deputy Fred) [director as Lucky Moore]
Gunman of 100 Crosses – 1971 (Slim) [director as Lucky Moore, writer as Carlo Croccolo]

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